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Are you tired of looking at those stubborn stains and unsightly dirt on your once-pristine upholstery? Welcome to MDM Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning, your local Longford sofa cleaning experts. We understand that clean upholstery is not just about aesthetics; they also contribute to a healthier, more comfortable living or working environment.

At MDM Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning, we don’t just clean upholstery; we rejuvenate them. With years of experience in the industry, we offer top-notch upholstery cleaning services designed to breathe new life into your furniture. Our team is not just any cleaning crew; we are passionate professionals who are dedicated to delivering the best results for your home or business.

Our Carpet Cleaning Services

  • Deep Steam Cleaning: Our advanced steam cleaning method effectively removes dirt, allergens, and stains, leaving your upholstery fresh and rejuvenated. We use environmentally friendly, non-toxic cleaning solutions that are safe for your family and pets.

  • Stain Removal: We specialize in removing even the toughest stains, whether it’s red wine, coffee, pet accidents, or high-traffic discoloration. Our experienced technicians have the know-how and tools to get the job done.

  • Odor Elimination: Upholstery can harbor unpleasant odors from spills or pet accidents. We don’t just mask these odors; we eliminate them at the source, leaving your carpets & upholstery smelling as fresh as the day they were installed.

  • Carpet & Upholstery Protection: Extend the life of your carpets & furniture with our protective treatments. We apply a specialized carpet protector that acts as a shield against future stains and spills.

Highest Rated Upholstery Cleaners in Longford

5 Star Rated

Cannot recommend MDM Roscommon highly enough. Very thorough and did an amazing job on our sofa and arm chairs. Extremely courteous and explained the whole process and gave me some great tips going forward. Will definitely be recommending family and friends to use them as will we. Cheers Martin

June 27, 2024

Very quick professional service. Great job on very soiled large corner sofa. Halll and stairs carpet too brilliant can't say enough great guys

June 21, 2024

I would highly recommend Martin. He did a brilliant job 👍👍

May 26, 2024

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️“MDM Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning”utilizes professional equipment to clean carpets, sofas, and other upholstery. Their fast and helpful service is highly recommended for anyone seeking to refresh their dirty carpets.” 😊⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

May 21, 2024

So professional, explains everything he is going to do, give good advice, on time and so polite, will definitely work with him again am so pleased with his service

May 17, 2024

Martin was here today and did a fantastic job on our stairs ,we had work.done in bathroom and the carpet got filthy ,Martin has it as good as new again 👍

May 14, 2024

Excellent service provided by the Martin done a fantastic job and was very courteous and very good prices would highly recommend this service 👍👍

February 7, 2024

Sofa and carpet cleaned by Martin. Excellent job. Highly recommended. All looks like new. Thank you.

February 3, 2024

Excellent service at reasonable price. Marcin is a lovely chatty guy and goes above and beyond what’s required. Carpets and mattress were like new. Very pleased with work and I would highly recommend him.

January 30, 2024

I am very happy with recent Results ,Martin did ,my carpets as new again !!! I would recommend 💯

January 27, 2024

6 Reasons To Clean Your Upholstery

Better Air to Breathe

Upholstery, like sofas and chairs, can collect dust, allergens, and other yucky things that make the air in your home not so clean.

Cleaning your upholstery regularly helps to get rid of these icky things, making the air fresher and healthier to breathe. It also reduces the chances of allergies, trouble breathing, or getting sick.

Longer Life for Furniture

When dirt and stains build up on your furniture, it can make them look old and worn out.

But when you get your upholstery professionally cleaned, you’re keeping them in good shape, making them last longer. This means you won’t need to buy new furniture as often, saving you money.

Goodbye Stains and Smells

Sometimes, accidents happen, and furniture gets stained. Professional upholstery cleaners like MDM have special tools and cleaners that can make those stains go away.

We can also make your furniture smell nice again if there are any bad odors. So, you can enjoy clean and fresh-smelling furniture that looks good too.

No More Allergies

Some people have allergies or asthma, which can make it hard to breathe or cause sneezing.

Upholstery can hold onto things that make these problems worse, like dust mites or pet fur.

When you clean your upholstery really well, those things go away, making it easier to breathe and be more comfortable.

Nicer Home

When you clean your furniture, it becomes brighter and more beautiful. All the dirt and stains are gone, and it looks fresh and new.

This can make a whole room look nicer and more inviting. So, if you want your room to be super cozy and pretty, cleaning your furniture is a great idea.

Goodbye Smells

Your furniture can start to smell if there are spills or accidents. But don’t worry, professional upholstery cleaning can get rid of these smells.

MDM upholstery cleaners in Longford have special ways to make your furniture smell clean and fresh again, so your house will smell amazing.

Expertly Trained & Qualified

Highly Trained To Clean Your Upholstery in Longford

At MDM Upholstery Cleaning, we’re proud of our professional expertise and how well-trained our team is. We’ve completed special training with a company called Cleansmart that teaches us everything we need to know about upholstery cleaning.

Cleansmart is famous for their training programs designed especially for people who clean things professionally. They taught us the best techniques, the right ways to clean, and how to use advanced methods for the best results.

During our training with Cleansmart, we learned a lot about different types of upholstery fabrics and how to clean each one properly. We also learned how to remove tough stains, get rid of bad smells, and make upholstery look fresh and beautiful again.

The training from Cleansmart helped us become experts in handling all kinds of challenges we might face while cleaning upholstery. Whether it’s a delicate fabric that needs special care or a stubborn stain that won’t go away, we know how to figure out the best solution and make it look amazing.

With our professional expertise and what we learned from Cleansmart, we make sure that every upholstery cleaning job we do is done with care and attention to detail. Our goal is to exceed your expectations and make your upholstery look fantastic.

Our Cleaning Services

Our services will save you time and money!
carpet cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

Get your carpets cleaned to remove smells, stains, dust mites and more.

upholstery cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning

Our sofa cleaning service will remove smells and stains from your upholstery.

rug cleaning

Rug Cleaning

Restore your rugs to their original glory with our rug cleaning service.

commercial carpet cleaning

Commercial carpet Cleaning

We offer hotel carpet cleaning, office carpet cleaning and more to businesses in Mullingar.

mattress cleaning

Mattress Cleaning

Get rid of smells and stains that are buried deep in your mattress.

tile cleaning

Tile & Grout Cleaning

Save money on getting new tiles! Get them cleaned and restored by us.

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